Pedicure chairs

Are you looking for a pedicure treatment chair? Bentlon offers a wide range of professional treatment chairs, from entry-level models with partially electric control to highly advanced versions with all kinds of extras.

The Bentlon pedicure treatment chairs come in various versions, so that everyone can choose a Bentlon treatment chair that is most suited to his or her needs.

The extensive Bentlon range has something for everyone. From basic models at entry level to very advanced and luxurious. Bentlon offers great variety in designs and options. With all treatment chairs, the backrest, height, tilt position and leg supports can be adjusted. This can be done using gas springs or electrically, by means of motors. The choice is yours! There are also various accessories and additional options available for the treatment chairs. Options that improve your posture, increase the ease of use or give an extra dimension to your treatments. In addition, the treatment chair can be completely adjusted to your style and taste with the help of the upholstery and finishing caps. Choose the Bentlon treatment chair that suits you best!