From the starter model with its basic steam functionality to the advanced steamer with a range of extras. Together, the Bentlon vapozone models form a complete range in which each model offers additional functionality or options. This gives every beautician the opportunity to choose a Bentlon vapozone with the options that best suit her salon.

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vapozone bronze


The Bentlon vapozone Bronze, like the other vapozones in the Bentlon range, is equipped with a rotating steam arm. This allows for easy adjustment of the steam head and steam direction. The Bentlon vapozone Bronze has a 1.75 liter reservoir and 1 easy to activate power. Also, the Bentlon vapozone Bronze is equipped with a felt ring in the steam head. On this ring you simply drizzle an essential oil for an extra relaxing experience.

vapozone silver

Basic model with variation possibilities, like the variable steam strengths, the herbal reservoir and the ozone function. These options make it possible to adapt the steam program to your treatment. The herb reservoir in combination with the felt ring offer the possibility to add an extra dimension to the treatment and to support your products. The ozone function is especially suitable for blemished skin and can be activated with one simple action.


vapozone gold


In addition to the regular steam, ozone and herbal functions, the Bentlon vapozone Gold has a standby function. The water in the reservoir is kept at temperature so that one of the 9 steam strengths can be switched on at any time. The stand-by function prevents you from having to take into account the warm-up time during your treatment. The integrated socket in combination with the stable top plate makes it possible to connect additional beauty equipment without any visible cables. In addition, the Bentlon vapozone Gold comes with a magnifying lamp holder as standard. This complete concept makes the Bentlon vapozone Gold perfectly suited for even the smallest of spaces.

softsteamer model